Sherwood Chapter

EST 1998


By Yungin - Webmaster

Harley Assist TM has now replaced HOG Assistance as the free-of- charge 12-month breakdown policy that new bike buyers will receive.

HARLEY ASSIST TM includes the following improvements to cover -linked to the motorcycle, and not the customer.

Should the motorcycle be sold within 12 months of ownership, the cover will continue to be linked to the bike. -should a customer’s bike breakdown during a ride to another country within Europe, the customer can choose either to have the bike repaired away from their home country and brought back to the UK, or have the bike brought back to their local dealership in the UK for repairs.

Both are at no cost to the customer. Further details on HARLEY ASSIST TM cover and contact information will be supplied at the point of purchase. If you have a breakdown cover through H-D Insurance you should ring one of the following numbers:

In the UK: 0800 280 0066

In Ireland :0906 451 973

In the rest of Europe +44 (0)1737 826 113

If you have a breakdown through HOG ASSISTANCE, you

should ring 01737 815179 from within the UK. Outside of the

UK ring +44 (0) 1737 815179.

After February 1 st if you have cover through HARLEY ASSIST TM you should ring these numbers:

In the UK: 0800 587 9832/+44 (0) 208 603 9832

In Ireland: 1800 800155/+353 16193693.