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EST 1998

History of Sherwood Chapter

By Yungin - Webmaster


This account of the living history of Sherwood Chapter is dedicated to all the people who have been members, full or associate, since its inaugural meeting in 1998 to the present day.

History on History

Welcome to the Sherwood Chapter History section of the website.

The first Chapter Historian position was shared by Mick Smith and Vivien Bennett in 2000. Unfortunately, the role was filled for just one season and there was no record of early Sherwood Chapter history and so when our third Historian, Vince Fellows, took on the role in 2008, he had to dig deep into the archives to forge the first twelve chapters of our history that covered Sherwood Chapter’s first ten years.
The first decade of Sherwood Chapter’s history is a fantastic read, as I am sure those of you who have read it will agree. It has been pulled together for you to reflect on the times of early Chapter membership and for new members to appreciate the Chapter’s history.

After taking over the Historian position in 2010, my input into maintaining Sherwood Chapter’s history has been made much easier by the completeness of the first twelve chapters and the content of Quill & Quivers detailing information on ride-outs and events that our membership have enjoyed. So now all I have to do is keep the quill firmly pressed on parchment to ensure that as Chapter history is being made, it is not forgotten.

Looking forward to exciting times within the Chapter and on a wider perspective with HOG UK, Europe & HOG Worldwide, I take great pleasure in maintaining our very own Chapter history; but this can only be preserved in its entirety when you, the members of this great HOG Chapter contribute. This can be done in several ways: i) send in your words & pictures to the Editor of our Chapter magazine, the Quill & Quiver; ii) send in your photographs to the Webmaster for inclusion in the galleries; and iii) drop me a line or two and tell me what you are doing.
It is easy to look back and see what was planned on the Chapter’s annual planner, but the devil is in the detail and it is your little devils that I want to document and keep for posterity for years to come.
So come on folks, don’t be shy, send in your snippets to me (I will do the editing) and preserve your fond memories of Sherwood Chapter forever.

Ride Safe and Have Fun

Dai Gunter – Sherwood Chapter Historian (Stepped down from the role on 31st October 2012)

If you are interested in becoming Sherwood Chapter’s next Historian, feel free to contact Roy Radford (Director).

Chapter One – Intro

Chapter Two – 1999

Chapter Three – 2000

Chapter Four – 2001

Chapter Five – 2002

Chapter Six – 2003

Chapter Seven – 2004

Chapter Eight – 2005

Chapter Nine – 2006

Chapter Ten – 2007

Chapter Eleven – 2008

Chapter Twelve – 2009

Chapter Thirteen – 2010

Chapter Fourteen – 2011